Active Shooter ImageOur schools and corporate offices are often targets for those who seek to harm others. Experiencing an active shooter scenario has become a real possibility for each of us.

Many of our corporate and academic clients agree that it is important to have a reaction plan in place for an active shooter scenario. With that in mind, one of our most popular offerings is our active shooter training program.

Neumann Protection & Consulting helps our educational and corporate clients to develop response strategies that will allow a safe and effective reaction to active shooter incidents. Our main goal is to maximize the protection and safety of your employees and/or students.

Neumann Protection & Consulting provides customized training, which is tailored to your specific needs. To aid in this effort, educational and corporate training can include the use of tabletop exercises and simulations, as well as practice drills for your staff. Real-world simulations help to reinforce the training and put your plans into action.